How to Register as a Company

If you are new to our website, or here to register a new account as an employer or on behalf of your company. This option is to be used by company HR Managers, Business owners or General Managers who wish to register their employees to enroll in the training programs we offer.


If you already have an account, go ahead and login otherwise for new accounts please click the Register button.



Fill up all the necessary required information about yourself and your company to get your account approved.



Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to log in. But will not be able to do much until your Company profile has been approved. So your dashboard will be like this.



Once your Company profile has been approved, your dashboard will be updated.



After your company profile has been approved now you can tell your employees to register on the Employee/Student Portal. This was you will be able to see all your registered employees in a list view and be able to view each employee’s individual training programs accomplishments, and this can be certificates or licenses.





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