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Fundza Training Institute makes the following commitments to training:

  • QCTO, SAQA and SETA requirements are met.
  • Training delivery will be quality assured on a regular basis as per the Quality Management Policies and Procedures.
  • All processes will be followed and in place as far as booking, registrations, material and assessments go.
  • Learners will be provided with fair opportunities to perform, accelerate and succeed with support and guidance offered as far as possible.
  • A continuous process of improvement through the process of learner feedback, facilitator input, assessor and moderator consulting, quality measurement, quality review and management.

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We care about your working standards

In the mining industry, all aspects of site, staff, process, manufacturing and workplace safety are subject to strict standards. To help you meet your regulatory obligations, reduce risks and ensure safety your people must acquire the relevant training and be qualified to appropriate levels. Our mining safety training provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to ensure effective safety management for your mine.